British Lead and Speed Climbing Championships

Recently Jurassic Team member and GB Team member, Tommy Matthews entered the British Lead and Speed Climbing Championships in Sheffield. Tommy is naturally a boulderer and has not majored on lead or speed climbing. Now that these two forms and bouldering make up the new Olympic competition for 2020 he has started training and competing. Here in his own words is what happened! British Lead and Speed Climbing Championships Hi, … Read More

Focus On – Power Training

Power Training Now unlike strength training and power endurance training I love power training. Why, because instead of training the same pattern for hours you get to power through big moves, feet coming off, twisting and reaching. If you are not training power then you are missing out on some fun and you could be missing a trick! Here again the old adage of the British trad climber to ‘climb … Read More

Great Coaching+Motivated Athlete+Motivated Parents=Great Climber

What Makes A Great Climber? Great coaching comes from within and requires the same from others to succeed. When I was asked recently ‘what makes a great climber?’ I replied ‘great coaching, a motivated athlete, and motivated parents!’. Would you like to progress further with our help? Then why not Great Coaching Being a pro-climber or the one with the most coaching awards doesn’t make you the greatest coach in … Read More

Strength and Power at the Agglestone

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Strength and power day on Dorset’s big rock, the Agglestone Strength and power day on the large sandstone boulder which is over 5m high and sat up in the middle of Studland heath in Dorset. Good bouldering on sharp, but positive holds which are mainly on very overhanging ground. Income places the bottom meter or so of the rock is very friable, so tread lightly. The east face has some … Read More

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