Up Down Climbing Endurance

Up down climbing endurance on the auto belay.
Up Down Climbing Endurance
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Auto-belays were designed for continuous up down climbing endurance. Well probably not but they are totally brilliant at this particular job. If you want to get good at endurance then up down climbing is the thing.

Toprope and lead climbing has in the past always required two people, the climber and the belayer. But the auto-belay machines such as those manufactured as Trueblue have eliminated the need for a climbing partner.

Trueblue Autobelay for Up Down climbing endurance.
Trueblue Autobelay for Up Down climbing endurance.

Would you like to progress further with our help? Then why not Book Some Coaching

The auto-belay takes up the slack as a climber ascends and controls the descent when the climber lowers or takes a fall. No longer has someone to stand below you getting bored and enduring neck ache while you gain your endurance!

Up Down Climbing Endurance – Train Two

Aerobic Endurance – This type of training opens up your blood vessels and allows for good blood flow and good oxygen levels to reach your muscles. Select a route that is at the bottom of your bottom warm up grades. Climb up and down this continuously for as long as possible. You shouldn’t get a forearm pump but you will become fatigued. Aim for 10 minutes on your first try and when you reach this add another 5 minutes on. Then work up to 45 minutes for a mega workout. Once you hit 45 minutes move up a grade and start at 10 minutes again then increase to 45 minutes. Repeat increase and 45 minutes target, but do not get a pump as you will have gone from aerobic into anaerobic training.

Anaerobic Endurance – This type of training teaches your body to function at a high level whilst suffering from pump. Select a route that is strenuous but that you can climb up down four times without stopping. This will probably be at the top end of your warm up grades and you will be looking to feel a slight pump at this starting grade. Climb this route 4 times continuously then rest for the same amount of time it took to complete those reps. Move up a grade and repeat. Then up a grade and repeat again. Then move down a grade and repeat again. If you fall at any point get straight back on until you have completed or fallen on each of the 4 reps. You should find that you will fail at the hardest grade of the 4 sets, if not then next time increase the starting grade.


The auto belay is also a great way to warm up as you are able to concentrate on your base technique and movement without worrying about clipping, quickdraws.

Would you like to progress further with our help? Then why not Book Some Coaching

Well thats it, give up down climbing on the auto belay a try and see how it works for you, then please come back to us with your results and feedback. If you need any help with your climbing endurance, training plans or coaching then please go to our website at www.jurassicclimbing.co.uk where you will find loads of advice and other help available.

From myself and all at Jurassic Climbing Academy thank you for reading and see you again soon. Good climbing!

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