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There has been a lot of hype lately around the Alex Honnold film ‘Free Solo’. But does it make any sense to climb like this, what’s the solo climber motivation?

When speaking to solo climbers and asking that question they can never give a definitive answer. For myself, someone who until three or four years ago, wouldn’t have ever dreamed of being a solo climber it is very complicated. What changed for me to even consider soloing? Well it was around about the first time that I went through a bad period of depression. I had no idea why I was suffering, but I was! My depression sends me to seek solitude, away from noise and people. And so it was that I found myself at a crag one day without a climbing partner and the crag deserted and really wanting to climb. So I did climb, I soloed 3 or 4 routes that I knew very well and I loved it. Afterwards feeling very free and alive!

Since that first day I have continued to solo routes, scrambles and boulder problems whenever I get the chance. The feeling of total euphoria is wonderful and for me that is the answer to the ‘why I solo’. For others it may be much different and I was reminded of this when I watched Hazel Findlay’s short film, ‘Free Flow’ where she talks about her motivation for solo climbing. Have a listen for yourself –

Would you like to progress further with our help? Then why not Book Some Coaching

Would you like to progress further with our help? Then why not Book Some Coaching

What’s Your Solo Climber Motivation – Tweet Me – @JurassicClimb

Now I am not for one moment suggesting that everyone should go out and solo climb. For one, it is highly dangerous with the ultimate end senario being that of your death. But I am interested in what motivates climbers like Honnold, Findlay, myself and many others to solo climb. So, if you solo climb I would be very interested in reading your thoughts on why you do so, whats your motivation? Why not leave me a Tweet at @JurassicClimb and use the tag #SoloClimber so that I can find it?

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