We’ll help you reach your goals using methods beyond just making you stronger. Methods targeted to your goals and to your specific improvement needs.

Nowadays climbers are looking for exercises to help you get stronger. We will definitely give you those. But we will also teach you how to have great movement and technique, the cornerstone of a great climber. We will also teach you efficient climbing tactics and sustainable training habits.

Our coaches will provide you with a personalised training plan based on your goals, your improvement needs, your abilities, the equipment you have, and any limitations you have with time or injuries. As your coach will stay in constant contact with you from anywhere in the world.

We take away that feeling of pure guesswork when attempting to write your training plan. So leave it in the hands of the experts, the Jurassic Climbing Coaches and we’ll do you proud!

Paul Jackson

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A targeted training plan from our coaches could turn your climbing goals into reality

Description of Service

When you sign up for online coaching with our coaches, you’ll start with completing a detailed questionnaire. From this a detailed 4 week training plan is written on our app to help you reach your goals.

Whether you have a particular project in mind or just a general grade level to goal. Your plan will be tailored to those goals and available to you 24/7 on the app.

As well as the specific strength, power, and endurance training, our coaches will guide you in how to train for movement and technique. Your training plan will give structure to your climbing sessions, whether they’re outside or inside. We are also there to give you advice and encouragement whenever you need it!

  1. Training Plan available on any phone, tablet, or computer
  2. Contact our coaches at any time for feedback and advice on app
  3. Video instruction for each exercise is available
  4. Regular check-in phone calls

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How the service works

What happens after I sign up to My Training Plan?

After you sign up to work with our Jurassic Coaches, you’ll be sent an email with a link to a joining questionnaire. Our coaches will then write your first 4-week training plan within one week of your returning that questionnaire. You’ll receive an email to get set up on the training app and from there you’ll have constant access to your training plans and to our coaches. Our coaches check in on their athletes’ accounts on a regular basis.

How long does it take to get my training plan?

After you sign up to work with our Jurassic Coaches, you’ll be sent an email with a link to a joining questionnaire. After your fill that out and return it, you will get you your first 4-week training plan within one week.

How will I access my plan?

Jurassic Coaches use an app as the platform for their athletes. You’ll sign up for free as a user and get the app on your phone or other device. Our coaches will create your training plan in the app and then you’ll be able to access it whenever and wherever you need it. The app allows constant contact between you and our coaches, where you may ask questions and get feedback or encouragement whenever you need it.

kind of equipment do I need?

The ideal climbing training setup is a steep bouldering wall, a hangboard with the ability to adjust the load (a pulley system or or similar), bar weights, kettlebells, Gymnastic Rings or a TRX. Although you can definitely get by with lessons not ideal, but our coaches write your plan around available equipment as well.

What if I have an injury?

We can’t all just stop climbing when we have a minor tweak and your training plan can be adjusted to fit around these. However, injuries will need to be discussed on a case by case basis. So please feel free to email our coaches at info@jurassicclimbing.co.uk if you are not sure about your injury situation and training.

You Must Accept That –

Climbing is a potentially dangerous sport and that climbing injuries can occur at any time, regardless of correct practice. Jurassic Climbing or its coaches cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I started climbing with Paul about 6 months ago. I’d been climbing for about 3 months on my own and had hit a bit of a plateau, together with the fact that I’m terrified of falling meant that I was having a hard time!
You can make so much more progress with even just one coaching session, although I have carried on with monthly sessions. We’ve worked on movement, technique, basic conditioning and the benefit is starting to show. Paul has been very encouraging and patient when coaching me, my confidence is improving and I’m less worried about the falling. Although Paul challenges your comfort zone he won’t push you beyond your limit and that works very well for me.

7 months ago I signed up for one of Jurassic Climbings 4 week online training plans and I’m still going with them. At the time I was struggling to fit in any climbing as my work hours were all over the place. I already had some equipment at home and had a small climbing board built in our garden shed. The training plan covered areas of improvement and was constantly adjusted as my climbing ability and grade increased. This summer I hit my first 7b outdoor route and after only 7 months!

I’d been climbing for a couple of years and had hit a plateau in my climbing. With so much advice on training out there I tried improving by myself, constantly thinking am I doing the right thing, that I could manage my training effectively, but nothing worked. By chance I met Paul whilst climbing at a local wall and then again on Portland. After finding out that he was a coach at Jurassic Climbing Academy I signed up for an initial climbing assessment, then I signed up for my first Months coaching session and training plan. I had structure, maximum benefit from my training time and a personal plan that pushed me. I like to train hard and Paul gave me just that. By the end of my first month I’d sent a project, pushed a grade and came 2nd in a lead climbing competition. I am continuing with Paul to hit my further goals and am excited to see how far he can push me. I cannot recommend Jurassic Climbing Academy enough for someone who wants to progress their climbing to the next level.

I’m having a great time being coached by Paul, Head Coach at Jurassic Climbing Academy. I’m getting noticeable results with his guidance, climbing stronger and with better technique. He knows what to look for in your climbing to correct your weaknesses and gives you great encouragement. Much better than other coaching I’ve had in the past! Cheers Paul.

I started climbing with Jurassic Climbing Academy in January of 2014, I had never lead climbed before, I could only just climb a 5+ indoors and had never climbed outdoors. After a year of training and coaching I have just sent my first 6C lead indoors and have redpointed a 6B+ outdoors. The progress I’ve made in the time I’ve been climbing with the academy is unbelievable, I’ve been able to organise my training and coaching around my university studies and I’m looking forward to my first climbing trip abroad with the academy to the Greek Island of Kalymnos in April 2015. Jurassic Climbing Academy caters for both novice and experienced climbers and I can’t recommend them highly enough!