Intermediate Route Training Plan (F6b – F7b)


Our online training programme has been put together by the experts at Jurassic Climbing, to help you to focus your training and improve your climbing ability. Each part of the programme has been put together by our Director, and Team GB coach. This means that your plan gives you access to globally recognised and proven techniques.

This is a subscription plan and you will be billed £19.99 each month until you cancel.

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Product Description

The intermediate performance training programme is designed to help you to improve technique, movement, endurance and agility. Weekly workout sessions build your skill and strength in such a way as to support the move from a F6b grade to F7b, specifically tailored to this level of skill, to push you over the F6 barrier. Each week you are provided with the next level of training to continually build on your progress. If you are able to dedicate a few hours per week to this training programme and follow it religiously, we would expect to see the step up from F6b to F7b over the 32 week period of the plan. It is designed to create a solid foundation for F7b to take you forwards and get you on harder and more fun routes.

Here at Jurassic we are always happy to help people improve. Please see below the feedback from some of our trainees and apprentices. Also, when you do the plan please let us now how you got on and leave us a review!

See below feedback from Sam as part of our performance coaching programme.

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What does this plan involve?

Week 1: Here we focus on refining your flagging technique and getting it right no different types of route. You are provided with tasks over 5 days of the week and illustrative explanations.

Week 2: This week we look at ARCing and endurance. Often when people fail on a route at the top of their grade, it can be the lack of endurance that prevents you from completing the crux move. We need to build this up for you to improve. This week continues with 5 days of tasks and a video.

Week 3: One arm traversing! A solid way to get you to improve you movement, balanced management and technique. Your tasks this week also include some further red-pointing, and enduring, to keep developing those muscles.

Week 4: We are really embedding those skills, with a video to help. Your tasks include a planned range of dyne practice to red pointing and endurance.

Weeks 5 – 32: We look at different types of route problems and challenges that you encounter at this level of climbing. The plan includes tasks that cover 5 days in every week, videos and illustrated explanations.


These are tried and proven methods from years of experience – so make the most of it! And don’t forget to leave us a review when you are finished! Or get in touch to let us know how you are getting on.

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