Flipp Double Flipper


With a landing surface of 100cm/130cm and 11cm in thickness the Double Flipper gives you the desired protection when bouldering. Due to the STRAPPIT system you can easily attach the Double Flipper to another crashpad (attaches easily to all types and brands of crashpads) and carry both of them comfortably. Compact and easy for transporting in your car.

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Product Description

  • Two-panel style crashpad; filled with high quality PE foam – 3/6/2cm
  • 130/100/11cm opened size. 65/100/22cm closed size
  • Weight – 7kg
  • STRAPPIT system for attaching the crashpad easily to another crashpad
  • Triangular system for carrying your stuff safely
  • Duraflex® handles and tension locks
  • YKK® ziplock system
  • Anodized aluminum buckles
  • Vynil + hemp-cotton fabric outer cover
  • Additional handle on the shoulder straps for easier lifting

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