Strength & Conditioning – Wide Arm Push Up

The Wide Arm Push Up The wide arm push up will feel different from the regular press up as it involves your shoulders and chest being put under more stress. This exercise will improve your range of motion and force you to engage your abs that little bit more. The wide arm push up certainly has its place in any training regime and should be done alongside normal and close … Read More

Tommy Matthews – 6th at The Big Flash

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Recently Jurassic Team and GB Team member, Tommy Matthews entered ‘The Big Flash’ competition at Highball Climbing Centre, Norwich. Tommy is naturally a boulderer and has recently stepped up from youth to senior competition. Here in his own words is what happened! The Big Flash – Highball Climbing Centre, Norwich The Big Flash is one of my favorite competitions. This is the third time I have competed in this competition. … Read More

Strength & Conditioning – Push Up and Plank

Push Up and Plank Core Workout As climbers we would rather spend time training in a climbing gym than spending money on going to a regular gym. Therefore, it is important to have a range of workouts that can be done pretty much anywhere and with minimal equipment. The push up and plank core workout is exactly that. All you need is a space the length of your body and a … Read More

Strength & Conditioning – The Close Arm Push Up

The Close Arm Push Up The close arm push up feels different from the normal push up. It is a harder variation and focuses a lot more on the Triceps whilst still incorporating the shoulders, back, core and chest. It also uses different stabilizing muscles to the regular push up. To set up for the close arm push up lower yourself to your knees. Make a triangle shape with your … Read More

Strength & Conditioning – The Push Up

The Push Up The push up is a great exercise which is often overlooked. Whilst climbing we predominantly use our pulling muscles and consequently, our pushing muscles are frequently neglected. When training it is important to train the antagonist muscle groups to ensure you keep the body balanced. By regularly incorporating push ups into your training regime you will not only get a stronger upper body and find it easier … Read More

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