Great Coaching Makes Great Climbers

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Sam at Her Second One to One Coaching Session Great coaching makes great climbers. See how well Samantha did at only her second one to one coaching session, sending her first V3 boulder problem! Working together during Sam’s first one to one coaching session we looked at the basics, tiny toes, straight arms, body rotation and dropping the knees, following which she went away and practiced for a month. It … Read More

Ellis Butler-Barker’s European Adventure

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Recently Jurassic Team member, Ellis Butler-Barker took time out from his studies to go on a European bouldering tour, but things didn’t go exactly as planned. Here in his own words is what happened! So this trip turned into something completely unexpected. The original plan was to spend a week in Fontainebleau in the sun and then head to Magic Wood for 2 weeks to begin working a project there … Read More

Focus On – Healthy Nutrition and Body Weight

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Weight is something of a pre-occupation for most climbers and I guess that it has to hold true that the lighter you are the easier it is to haul yourself up the rock, however you still need muscle and the fuel to power them. Back in the 90s the norm was to starve yourself and climbers strove to be as light as possible by only eating such delicacies as clear … Read More

Shoulder Strengthening and Mobility

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Balancing the spinning top – Shoulder management and rehabilitation The shoulder joint and surrounding tissue provide a unique collection of movement and support unlike any other joint in the body. It’s classified in the same ball and socket category as the hip and Talo-navicular joint in the foot but all these joints have different loading patterns and offer a very different range of function to the body. The shoulder joint … Read More

The Power of Demonstration

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As a coach you can verbally describe, draw or picture the movement and technique you are teaching. But nothing beats an actual demonstration for a full and quick understanding by the student. This took one go, brilliant! For more information about our coaching sessions go to or for our on-line training plans go to  

The Difficulty With Climb Training!

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What do I mean by that headline? I am not talking about the physical activity required to train or the mental fortitude to train and keep on training, but that of covering the wide spectrum of training types required within climbing. If we go away from climbing for a moment and consider other sports. World record holder, Usain Bolt, competes in the 100 metre sprint and trains exclusively for that … Read More

The Basics – Practice Makes Perfect

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Having mastered the basics of climbing technique and movement from the previous article, it is now important to engrain these into your person, so that they become autonomous (automatic and without thinking). To action this it is necessary to practice, practice, practice and the best place to do this is on easy traverses, easy problems and easy routes. The best time to action this is at the start of every … Read More

The Basics – Bringing it all Together

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To climb well you must first learn the basics and then put them all together. The only way to do this is on easy grades and to practice, practice, practice until it becomes automatic! Here are some pointers to get you started, but if you really want to learn fast then visit either to have us coach you or if you would prefer to go it alone.   … Read More

One Arm Traversing

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This is a great combined exercise which increases grip strength and contact strength whilst you practice your deadpoint technique. Choose a vertical section of wall with a good selection of medium to large handholds at just above head height and small, but good footholds just off the floor. Climb onto the wall and then remove one hand to behind your back. Now traverse along the wall by drawing your body … Read More

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