Elite Training Plan (F7a – F8a and above)

Got a project you are working on and need to get better? Or simply want to do the hardest routes on the wall?


This training plan is for people at the top of their game. We have created it based on our years of experience, used tried and proved training methods. This is the the approach that tackles those changes of getting into the 8 grades, and consolidating your skills level at the top. We use these approaches with our elite climbers including GB Team. If you meet any of us as a wall teaching the best of the best, these are the techniques we are basing our coaching on. So make the most of it! The plan is not easy and requires significant commitment to see the desired results.



What does this plan involve?

Week 1: Killing it! horizontal pull ups and dips. This week includes 5 days of training to really refine your strength and power. Including illustrative explanations.

Week 2: As with each week, this week includes 5 days of training to build up your skills. (Not full days! But training of 5 our of 7 days in the week). We look at dynos, endurance ARCing and campus boards.

Week 3: Killing it! Combined heavy wrist curls and dead hangs. Now you have had a week on the wall we look again at your overall strength and power to build up specific muscles which aim to both improve your performance and prevent injury.

Week 4: This week takes you to building up your skills and using that extra strength gained. Including an illustrative video and collection of tasks to include in your training.

Weeks 5 – 64: Throughout this time we look at refining every aspect of your climbing, from power to technique. Each week you receive a plan that covers 5 of the 7 days, with illustrative explanations and videos.


These are tried and proven methods from years of experience – so make the most of it! And don’t forget to leave us a review when you are finished! Or get in touch to let us know how you are getting on.