Beginner Training Plan (F5+ – F6b)

So, you’ve got to grips with a lot of the popular routes on the wall? But you’re bored of 5s and want to get to those 6s?

Our training plan provides tried and tested methods to get you to that next grade. We’ve been working in coaching for some time now and these are the techniques and skills we know are needed to get you to that next level.

6a/V0 and after a couple of months of going back to basics I had progressed to being confident on 6b/V1

Sandra, Bournemouth, Dorset (coaching feedback)

What does the plan involve?


Week 1: We start by looking at your transfer of moment and body twisting. Here we are really focusing on your economy of movement, with tasks to cover 4 days within this first week.

Week 2: ARCing and endurance. Often when we get to one tough move on a route, it is the endurance that hinders our ability to follow through, this prevents us from getting to the next grade. We take a look at this in week to and you are provided with tasks to cover 4 days as well as a video.

Week 3: Get that footwork right! At this stage there is often a lot of room for improvement with footwork, we cover this with a succession of tasks and illustrated explanations.

Week 4: This week we look at getting embedding what you learned in weeks 1-3 and getting used to those 6s. Tasks to cover 4 days of the week and a video is provided to help you with this.

Weeks 5 – 16: We cover dynamics of movement, to technique and endurance. A succession of tasks are accompanies by illustrated explanations, videos and quizzes to get you to improve your skills. Over this time we are looking for you to embed your improve skills and become not just capable but comfortable on 6s.


These are tried and proven methods from years of experience – so make the most of it! And don’t forget to leave us a review when you are finished! Or get in touch to let us know how you are getting on.