Climbers Imbalance in Muscle Structure

Did you know that your climb training can cause an imbalance in muscle structure? Did you also know that your very clever body senses these imbalances and tries to correct them by limiting the gains on the stronger side of the imbalance?

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Recently I have been concentrating on my general strength and conditioning with Marek, our Jurassic PT Coach. These exercises were in the main push type of exercises with weights as found in general weight training. During this 3 month period I have backed off of my standard climb training to allow me time to concentrate on the strength and conditioning. Having recently finished strength and conditioning section of my training I have gone back to major on my climb training and rock climbing both indoors and outdoors.

Now here is the interesting bit. As soon as I returned to major on my climb training and climbing I noticed a huge upgrade in my climbing strength. And yes I do mean a huge upgrade. So why was this as I had only lightly trained my climbing over the previous 3 months?

Well I had in fact been lacking in my training and had forgotten to train my muscles that act in opposition to my climbing muscles. I had been doing all the pulling and none of the pushing and causing an imbalance!

So my very clever body had sensed this imbalance and tried to protect me against injury. In doing this my body had restricted the gains in my pull muscles until it sensed that my push muscles had started to catch up. My body sensed the imbalance was becoming more balanced and so released my climbing pull muscles to work at fully trained strength. Hence when I went back to major on climb training and climbing I noticed the huge upgrade in my climbing strength straight away.

Jurassic push ups

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Would you like to progress further with our help? Then why not Book Some Coaching

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