DMM Dragonfly Cam Gear Review

The DMM Dragonfly Cam Gear Review – The highest quality small cam design that you can buy.

DMM Dragonfly Cam Gear Review

Price: £65.00 each, but available for less in the UK.

Pros: Fantastic design, smallest cam in the world, great strength, extendable sling, flexible stem.

Cons: Not available in offset sizes, small individual cam range, action not as smooth as larger cams.

Manufacturer: DMM

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DMM Dragonfly Cam Description

Dragonfly Micro Cams provide versatile protection for narrow cracks and pockets. The size 1 Dragonfly is our smallest certified climbing cam. The six cams in the range cover placements from 7.8mm – 28.3mm.

The same camming angle of 13.75°, as used with our Dragons, provides the optimum balance of holding power and range. You will appreciate the holding power of the TripleGrip lobes with their ‘raw alu’ surface, particularly on smooth rock types such as slate and limestone. The narrow head width and compact trigger allow the cams to be placed deep in small pockets.

Key Updates: –

  • 13.75deg camping angle giving optimum combination of holding power and range.
  • TripleGrip gives greater surface texture interaction.
  • Flexible stem cable.
  • Narrow head width.
  • Compact trigger bar.
  • Open thumb loop.
  • Extendable 11mm Dynatec sling with compact stitch pattern.
  • Sizes 4, 5, and 6 Dragonfly Cams overlap with size 00 – 1 Dragons.

DMM Dragonfly Cam Specifications

  • Weight 55g to 73g depending on size.
  • The six cams cover placements from 7.8mm – 28.3mm.
  • Certification – EN 12276:2013.
  • Trad-Climbing.

The Jurassic Verdict

Jurassic think the DMM Dragonfly Cams are some of the best small cam devices available on the market. They come in six sizes, ranging from 28.3mm cam down to a very small 7.8mm cam and follow the “alien” design. The smallest sizes are not only really small, but also have holding power tested at 6kN, an impressive upgrade over the strength ratings of the smallest cams from other brands. If you think their size and power are great, wait until you get to see their ease of use, it’s superb. Plus as always you get the excellent quality control and design perfection that DMM has become known for. The DMM Dragonfly Cams are a valuable addition to an any Trad climber’s gear rack!

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