My Morning Routine to Own My Day

My Morning Routine – My aim is to own my day, then own my week, then my year, then my life. One own naturally moves into the next own, until eventually you own your life, your being!

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Before my daughter came along I woke up when I wanted too, did what I wanted to do. But then suddenly a little human was dictating my mornings. Not being one of those who manage to make parenting look effortless mine was often messy and chaotic. My daughter would get off to school and work would begin eventually. But often I would start my working day also feeling messy and chaotic. It was so frustrating!

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Four years ago I started the practice of yoga and mindfulness to help with the depression caused by all the stress. This led to me starting my mornings with meditation. Which itself led to a planned morning routine and me regaining control of my mornings. My morning routine has been continually refined and is now structured around the kind of day I want to have. Yippee!

So, I have decided to share with you my own morning routine, to give you a head start to your day. Enjoy!

My Morning Routine – Stage 1

6:30 AM – Wake up! Workout clothes on, pee to get the toxins out of my system, head down to the kitchen.

6:35 AM – Kettle on the hob, green tea bag in the cup. Glug down a glass of water to get the internal organs lubed up and working.

6:40 AM – Green Tea in hand I take some time to read through my ‘To Do List’ for the day and add to it. I find that doing this now gets the mind into gear for what the day ahead holds. The ‘To Do List’ not only ensures that things get done. It also allows me to think big and challenge myself. I have been using these lists for years. They are a great kickstart to creating your morning routine and the rest of your day!

6:50 AM – I get my pre-workout protein drink ready. Get some 70s rock music on to get myself fixed for my workout.

My Morning Routine – Stage 2

6:55 AM – Head on into to my home gym and climbing wall.

7:00 – 7:45AM – I normally have about 45 minutes to get my early workout done. These 45 minutes are spent on either. Free weights, body weight or HIIT exercises where I will really push myself hard. I love the feeling after a good hard workout, that fantastic buzz!

My Morning Routine – Stage 3

7:45 – 8:00AM – Shower etc.

8:00AM- 8:40AM – Time for “Daughter to school mode”. I’m getting breakfast, snacks, lunches, bags, coats and everything ready for the off. My daughter suffers from anxiety and so often as not will need dropping off to school!

8:50M – 9:00AM – Arriving back at home and get my own breakfast ready. I try to keep this healthy and being a Vegan it will be from fruit, tomatoes, avocados, mushrooms, and sometimes cereal. Then I head into my office to hit the business day.

My Morning Routine – Stage 4

9:00AM – I will only deal with Emails and Social Media Messages at the beginning and at the end of each working day. So my first job is to deal with those items, by answer or delete as appropriate! Then it’s time to hit the ‘To Do List’

I’m sharing it with you in hopes that it will inspire you to create your own morning routine and to get your morning started like me!


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