FrictionLabs Unicorn Dust Gear Review

The FrictionLabs Unicorn Dust Gear Review – We’ve all seen the #chalkmatters hashtag all over Facebook and Insta feeds, that’s right the one with the very shiny bags of what looks like coffee packaging!

FrictionLabs Unicorn Dust Gear Review by Jurassic Climbing

Price: £19.00 per 280g Bag, but available for less in the UK

Pros: Consistent texture, great friction, lasts for ages, stripped of all fillers, no additives, kind to hands

Cons: Expensive

Manufacturer: FrictionLabs

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FrictionLabs Unicorn Dust Description

FrictionLabs chalk is created specifically for climbers, by climbers. The highest purity Magnesium Carbonate is designed to give you that extra edge so you never need chalk mid-crux again. Responsibly made in the USA and stripped of all unnecessary fillers, FrictionLabs chalk delivers unrivalled moisture absorption and skin longevity. FrictionLabs chalk differs from traditional alternatives in that the materials are treated, refined, and precisely texturised at a lab in Denver, Colorado. This is not the same old white-labeled chalk from China and Taiwan climbers are used to. A single application is far more efficient, allowing you to focus on the task at hand…not on your hands. We process our chalk at our headquarters in Denver, Colorado, removing impurities and delivering a chalk that is the cleanest and longest lasting anywhere. It also feels a lot better on your hands thanks to our unique textures.

FrictionLabs Unicorn Dust Specifications

  • Unicorn Dust – Fine texture
  • Weight – 140g/280g
  • Material – Magnesium Carbonate
  • All forms of climbing and gym sports

FrictionLabs Unicorn Dust Gear Review by Jurassic Climbing

The Jurassic Verdict

Straight from the pack, Unicorn Dust feels rougher and less powdery than other makes. It doesn’t seem to cake up on your hands or the climbing holds like other fine chalks can do. In our testing on the Metolius hangboard, there was still good chalk coverage left on our testers’ hands after three 20 second hangs on the slopers which is encouraging. The packaging bag is rather like that of coffee, resealable in the same way, roll it up and fold over the tabs. The bag mouth is small so it’s easy to get all of the desired amount into your chalk bag.

FrictionLabs is the most expensive chalk that we know of, but you get what you pay for – quality, consistency, additive free chalk, and some shiny packaging. Super duper climbers will just love this stuff!

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