10 Beautiful Bouldering Spots In The UK

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We all love to be outside in Beautiful Bouldering areas surrounded with wonderful natural scenery. If you are looking for some inspiration then here are the Top 10 chosen by our Head Coach, Paul Jackson.

Beautiful Bouldering Spots

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1 – Portland – Red Crane Area

Beautiful Bouldering at PortlandTo be fair most of the boulder crags strewn across Portland have great views and are beautiful. But my personal favourite on a sunny day is the Red Crane area which includes ….. The area has everything from easy access, wide sea ledges suitable for families and picnics, great sea views, dolphins and seals, and of course great bouldering from beginner to elite. What more could you ask for in a bouldering spot?



2 – Tintagel North

Beautiful Bouldering at TintagelFairly recently discovered by Tom Newberry. A group of boulders with quality problems overlooking the sometimes wild, but always beautiful Cornish coast! Although there are some easier problems most are in the mid to high grade ranges. Once you have beaten yourself up you can nip over to Tintagel Castle for some history and some more fine views!




3 – Mynydd Dinas

Beautiful Bouldering at Mynydd DinasSet High above Cardigan Bay in South West Wales is set this beautiful gem of a boulder crag. It is moorland wilderness with good mountain quality rock and something for everyone. A good spread of easier to mid grade problems from padding slabs to outthere overhanging highballs! Great for the family picnic while you sit and wonder how our ancestors dragged big lumps of this rock all the way to Stonehenge!



4 – Sheep Pen

Beautiful Bouldering at The Sheep PenSet high above the valley between Bethesda and Ogwen is this ancient glacial remnant. Basically a rockslide caused when the steepened valley side collapsed following deglacification. What it has left is one of the best and most essential mountain circuits that a boulderer could hope to find. Superb rock with quality problems across the grades from the 4s to the 8s, mostly burly but not high. The surrounding views from Cwm Idwal to the south through to Conwy in the North are stunning. Bit of a hard walk in but bring a picnic, climb some rock and then savour the beauty while you eat!


5 – Badger Rock Area

Beautiful Bouldering at Badger RockWalk through a beautiful Lakeland Valley to find some wonderful bouldering along the way. Badger rock is the first event. A massive stone ringed with quality problems in the low to mid grades, sitting in the middle of a sheep field. A short way further on is my favourite playground, Little Font and little as in low is what you get. But with grades ranging from 3s to high 8s on quality rock over mainly good landings Little Font is high in stature! Further on again are the Garburn Boulder and Valley of the Kings. Let’s not get carried away with the bouldering here, but turn around and wonder at the beauty of this valley!


6 – Glen Nevis

Beautiful Bouldering at Glen NevisThere are many grand bouldering crags across Scotland in areas of wonderful beauty. I have decided on Glen Nevis for this article purely because it is one of my favourites. If I tell you that a lot of the problems were put up by the powerhouse that is Dave MacLoad you will have a good idea of what to expect. The bouldering is fairly easy to get to although some boulders are a bit of a hike at 30 minutes. The problems range from mid to high grades on steep and burly quality rock over mainly flat or boggy landings. Whatever time of year you go to Glen Nevis you are assured of some very picturesque views, but a word of warning, Midges!


7 – Ravensheugh

Beautiful Bouldering at RavensheughA hard fighting sandstone crag set high above fantastic moorland views. The climbing is mainly highball and to be honest scares the …. out of me at times. However the problems are ace and with the long walk in means that you are generally alone to enjoy all of this beauty and superb bouldering! Just along the way through the valley are the other bouldering crags of Dove, Old Steall and Potts Buttress offering a somewhat easier day of climbing.



8 – Cookrise

Beautiful Bouldering at CookriseThe King or Queen of Yorkshire bouldering crags and a must do! The area is one of stunning beauty which surrounds the crag and boulders sitting high on the edge of the moorland. Hundreds of problems ranging from the 3s to the 8s on all types of ground from slabby to overhanging, lowball to highball, slopers to crimpy. Fairly easy walk in and great for that after climbing picnic whilst you wallow in the surrounding beauty.



9 – Robin Hood’s Stride

Beautiful Bouldering at Robin Hood's StrideA lowland crag set in acres of wonderful countryside which is hard to beat for its beauty and settling nature. It is an area filled with a variety and quality of bouldering to suit the beginner and the hardcore enthusiast in a great spread of styles. Family friendly for that grand day out and with a 10 minute walk in allows for he carrying of loads of picnic goodies, oh and the odd boulder mat!



10 – The Churnet

Beautiful Bouldering at The ChurnetSet amongst superb wonderful woodland this is the land of the burly climber. An easy 15 minute walk in with loads to do for families in the woods and river and a perfect picnic location. The problems are on sandstone which is weather worn into all sorts of wonderful shapes that make for some really interesting climbing. Although the problems cover the low to mid grade ranges most are hugely strength sapping traverses and core busting overhangs. But the landings are good and for the most part the problems are fairly short with only a few highballs.


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