6 Health Benefits of Coffee

6 Health Benefits of Coffee

Apart from kickstarting your day off your morning cup of coffee can do much more. Learn about 6 health benefits of coffee here, giving you even more reasons to find more joy in your coffee.

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6 health benefits of coffee

Coffee contains Antioxidants – Coffee can be the no 1 source of antioxidants in your diet

It may protect against Diabetes – Coffee may give a lower chance of developing type 2 Diabetes

Drinking coffee is linked to longer life – Coffee is linked to longer survivals in life

It could protect your brain cells – Drinking coffee may protect against Parkinson’s Disease

It gives your workout a boost – In moderation, coffee can enhance your athletic performance

Coffee may protect your liver – Coffee may lower the risk of abnormal liver enzymes and protect against liver cancer


But drink coffee in moderation!

6 health benefits of coffee

Too much coffee – Can cause stomach upsets, sleepless nights, anxiety and raise blood pressure

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