No Time To Train – Paige Claassen

No Time to Train: How Paige Sent Her Project With Only 1 Hour Per Day

Evening Sends – No Time To Train Interview with Paige Claassen – I first tried Necessary Evil in 2014 while project shopping on a trip to the Las Vegas region. I had originally arrived with the intention of trying to climb 5.14d, but quickly realized, as I have many times before, that the significance of the route matters more to me than the grade.

Necessary Evil ticked all the boxes: it’s an iconic line with a rich history, it’s held its grade of 5.14c over many ascents and attempts by climbers around the world, and it sits on one of our country’s most stunning limestone walls. I’ll admit, the VRG is not the most serene location, but the highway has never bothered me. Neither did the sharp crimps or bottom boulder problem. It was always the upper crux—which is actually the same crux as Route of All Evil (5.14a) as the two climbs converge and share the same finish—that tripped me up.

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Would you like to progress further with our help? Then why not Book Some Coaching


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