Time To Assess And Move Forward

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Time to Assess and Move Foward

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and are recovering from your excesses? For myself it wasn’t that festive as I spent most of the period with a fever, even reaching a temperature of 105 deg at one point! Recovering slowly now and back to meditation and yoga if not full on training. Enough of my wows its now time to assess and move forward.


The week between Christmas and New Year is the ideal opportunity to assess how far you have come during 2017 and where you are going to during 2018. Maybe you have hit your targets or even bettered them, maybe you haven’t hit your goals. Whatever the outcome its time to assess, plan, move on and most importantly stay motivated to hit your 2018 goals. You may find this article that I wrote at the end of 2015 useful in assessing where you are –

Winter Training Planning 2015/2016


From here you can plan your realistic goals for 2018 and then arrange your coaching, training and your diary. You may find this article that I wrote again at the end of 2015 useful when planning your goals –

Climb Training Goal Setting

Have fun with your time to assess and move forward planning. All that we now have to hope for is some good and steady weather to allow us to get outside and play, as that’s what its all about, climbing on the real stuff!

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