Oscar Preston – 2nd at Blokfest

Oscar Preston – 2nd at Blokfest

Oscar Preston – 2nd at Blokfest. Recently Jurassic Team member, Oscar Preston entered the 2nd round of Blokfest 2017/2018 held at Stronghold Climbing Wall, North East London. Since Oscar started with our Jurassic Team and Coaching scheme we have been and are still working on his base conditioning to bring that up to match his awesome strength and power. This podium followed a first place podium for Oscar in the first round and things are looking good for the series! Here in his own words is what happened!

Oscar second at Blokfest round two at Stronghold Climbing Wall, London.

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Blokfest round 2 was at Stronghold in London. After reading my routes before the comp started, I had seen some climbs I was looking forward to. I started on the easy ones to warm up and built up to the harder ones leaving the medium climbs until last. The one I was looking forward to had big round volumes and a dyno start (video), I flashed it. There were some climbs on really steep overhangs which were hard. In the end, I got a 2nd place but missed out on a few points on some of the harder climbs. Overall happy but will push harder next round. Great centre and setting again. By Oscar

So why has Oscar done so well and why is he improving all of the time. Well, basically Oscar shows true dedication to following his coached training plans, is totally motivated and puts in the maximum effort. The coached training plans that he follows are written specifically for Oscar by our Head Coach, Paul Jackson following monthly 1:1 coaching sessions. This way we can look at where Oscar needs to improve and write that into a plan that meets this need and without injury.

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